In a quiet English town

A long-dead serial killer steals souls to power her quest to become a god. The police think Angel’s the murderer, and maybe he is. Lightning strikes a Midsummer party, killing seven year old Angel and his mother. Unwillingly bounced back to life, Angel discovers he can now see ghosts, shades and hints of the future. […]

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Before the Beginning

I was alone and awake when Joy crashed through the door—drunk or high, probably both. I pulled the blankets over my head and tried to hide, pretended to be asleep, but she pulled me from my warm bed because ‘we’re all going to the stones to dance with the storm.’ Joy was my mother. We […]

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Spirit is like a rainbow

I turned the key in the lock. placed my hand on the door knob, the glass cool and smooth in the palm of my hand. When I first came to live here, when I was just a little boy, I fell in love with these knobs, the feel of them, the look of them, like […]

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pictures in my head…

Memories of a singed world of dust, of bent and brittle trees. A landscape crippled by wind and time. The people of the place were thin and black like burnt sticks. They moved against their ochre world like shadows cast on sheets. They lived in caves: dark, hidden gashes in the soaring red rocks, and […]

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There was an old radio in the drawing room, a vast heavy thing like a sarcophagus. It had great glowing valves and a glass panel printed with the names of long-dead radio stations: Warszawa, Ostersund, Hilversum, Stavanger. Adjusting my ears to the sounds of the Mirrorverse was like turning the dial on Grandpa’s radio, a […]

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